Meet the PTA Board

Name: Meaghan Trout
Position: President
Family: I have two kids at Clearspring, grades 2 and 4 and one kid at Baker, grade 7.
Fun Fact: I can still do a cartwheel. (Although I do feel my back the next day!).

Name: Cherin Hershkowitz
Position: Treasurer
Family: My kids at Clearspring are both going into 4th grade and I have one starting at Baker this year.
Fun Fact: Entering 6th year on the exec board and 21st year as a member in MCCPTA!

Name: Trista Smith
Position: Secretary
Family: My son Vaughn is going into 4th grade and my daughter Adela is going into 7th at Baker Middle School.
Fun Fact: I lived in Belgium for a year during college; I loved it so much I didn’t want to come home!

Name: Jaimee Johnson
Position: VP of Membership
Family: Mikaela is entering 5th and Cami is entering 3rd.
Fun Fact: My favorite destination that I’ve traveled to is Belize. 

Name: Beth Spurgeon
Position: VP of Fundraising
Family: Emma (9) and Teddy (6), both attend Clearspring
Fun Fact: I grew up in Colorado, spent the last 20 years living in downtown Chicago, and our family moved to Damascus last year!

Name: Monica DiBartolo
Position: VP of Media/Communications
Family: I have two girls, my older daughter is starting at Baker this year and my younger one is entering 3rd grade at Clearspring.
Fun Fact: I vacationed in Delaware 3 times this summer! We taught our third grader how to play checkers and Texas Hold’em while there.